Allianz: Young Age The Right Time To Start Insurance

Many people misperceive and assume that life insurance at a young age is considered not necessarily even unnecessary. Especially when still single and not have dependents. Then is it true that young people who just completed education bench & newly pursed careers do not need insurance coverage?

Being young, being single and single is the best time. The world feels free because you can at will use the money you have. But are you sure your future is guaranteed? Do not miss your youth with no definite protection.

Although still alone, Didin Pratik Komara as Head of Product Offer of Allianz Life Indonesia, recommends that young singles still have insurance. The most basic reason is that insurance can protect you from various risks. Of course everyone does not want to talk about death, accidents, or other misfortunes that can happen to him. But, as young as any age, does not rule out the occurrence of unforeseen risks can befall you.

When single life insurance is not a top priority, whereas having life insurance at a relatively young age is a good time. By starting to have insurance from an early age, you will get a relatively high Sum Assured (UP), while the paid premium is relatively small and affordable. Why? Because the younger the age of a person, the risks will be less but do not regard this excuse as your non-conscience with self-protection.

By looking at the current development of life insurance products that are getting better and have more benefits, it feels to have life insurance from an early age is indeed a must, even for single people though. Maybe there can have Life Insurance unit link from Allianz, that is Smartlink Flexi Account Plus.

Smartlink Flexi Account Plus is an insurance product that has two benefits, namely protection and investment. However, the mainstay of this type of insurance remains from the side of protection or protection of life, while the benefits of investment are additional from the development of funds you have. Smartlink Flexi Account Plus also has the benefit of protection against disease, more complete here.

Then is it worth the young age and single take on unitlink insurance? Of course yes. The benefits of this investment is perfect for those of you who want to build a career or business in youth. Of course at a young age of course you have many desires and dreams. To reach that dream, eating the right long-term plan is needed. UnitLink insurance from Allianz, Smartlink Flexi Account Plus is one of the best actions.

In terms of investment will certainly the better the results. As the saying goes "harvest first, because early sowing", so if you start early, you will get more benefits, than those who start insurance later.

So while still young, income, and single, where the needs of life is not so great, you should immediately have life insurance. Insurance is not to worry about the future but to plan for the future. Having protection is a golden opportunity to invest in ensuring your upcoming life. So no need to wait for old age to have insurance, start from now.

So while still young. What's more you are planning important things to achieve your dreams. is the key that you can focus on the most important things in your life for the smoothness of the realization of all your dreams and goals. Life insurance can help you in ensuring your upcoming life, because no one knows what will happen to you and happen to you in the future.