Insurance products are financial products that are useful to protect you from the risk of financial losses that occur in life. Related to the tesebut, insurance protection will certainly make you think more calm and able to work optimally. Who can imagine a time when our house suddenly fires, or you have certain diseases that require treatment at a cost that is not cheap. Can not it? All these risks must be managed to avoid financial losses. So buying an insurance policy is the most appropriate choice. Well here are Five Types of Important Insurance Products You Even Deserve.

1. Health Insurance
Health insurance is an insurance product that provides protection against health risks with various schemes and insurance benefit options.

However, if you want to get more health insurance benefits, you certainly can buy health insurance products that are managed by private insurance companies. Variations of the benefits of the product are interesting and many, ranging from inpatient services, labor, teeth, change glasses and so on. Choose a health insurance product that suits your needs with a premium price that can be reached with your income.

Currently, some companies also already offer insurance called unit link insurance. This means you pay an insurance premium every month with benefits as a health protection as well as stock investment. Interesting right? Buying health insurance products is a very important investment for the protection of health financing and certainly helps you avoid financial hazards when experiencing pain that requires a high cost.

2. Life Insurance
Life insurance is an insurance product that provides protection in case of death risk to the policyholder. This insurance will certainly provide long term protection against the heirs if you close the age. However, in addition to pure life insurance products such as understanding above, there is a new variant of life insurance called life insurance credit. Life Insurance This credit is usually a bundling product with credit facilities provided by the bank.

Later customers of banks who borrow some money in the bank will automatically pay the credit life insurance premium. So if there is a risk of death to the customer, and there is potential to default credit payments, then the insurance company will bear the remaining payment.

3. Car Insurance
Car insurance provides protection against private cars from the risk of natural disasters, fire, damage, and accidents. There are two types of car insurance, all risk car insurance and total loss-only car insurance (TLO). With all risk car insurance, your car will be protected with all types of risks including small collisions until the vehicle is lost. As for the TLO car insurance, your vehicle is only protected for major accidents resulting in more than 80% accidents or lost vehicles.

If you have a car, it is important to insure it because the risks when driving is very high. Choose a car insurance product with a premium that matches the value of your car and adjust it with the protection benefits you want.

4. Education Insurance
Educational insurance functions like a future savings to ensure your children's education in the middle of the high cost of education from primary level to college. Currently, many bank savings products are automatically combined with education insurance. You can choose this scheme because basically we are saving for your son's education fund.

5. Property Insurance
Property insurance will protect your home and buildings from the risk of damage and fire. This type of insurance is All Risk, meaning it protects all types of damage with certain exceptions. Property insurance does not apply only to ready-made and occupied buildings. But also for buildings that are still under construction. The insurance company will bear any costs incurred due to the risk of damage that occurred.

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