4 Tips for Choosing the Right Insurance Products For You and Your Family

Mostly for people who already have family insurance products have become obligations that must be met. This is because if a family has insurance either for future survival or that is destined for health, it will not have difficulty in running it. You must choose the right insurance and tailored to the existing needs, so that the insurance you use can be used properly and maximally.

For those who want to have insurance products, here are some tips for choosing the right insurance for you and also for your dearest family:

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1. Make sure the Insurance Products Seller is a licensed Agent
This first way, become important tips to confirm whether the seller of insurance is an authorized agent who has been registered or just a broker only. What makes things like this important? if someone becomes an official agent then he will have a big responsibility for the insurance products it sells. Moreover is responsible to the client or the participant who becomes dependent. If the person is not an authorized agent and does not have a certification then the motivation in selling insurance products will be questioned. The most important thing is if he is a person who has no experience in his field alias brokers most likely you as his client will be difficult if there is a claim because he can not help you directly, and obviously this is very harmful yourself who have already chosen insurance products the. That's why paying attention to an experienced and licensed agent becomes an important point for you.

How do we make sure that the insurance agent is official? Of course, by asking directly to the agent whether he has an official license or not. Do not rush to choose the product regardless of who offers it.

2. Recognize Your Needs and Abilities First

Often you do not know the exact need to buy something. Buying insurance products is not the same as buying tangible products (can visible or touched) such as cars, houses and more. Because basically insurance products including intangible (can not be seen, untouched) but the effect can be felt for life. Therefore, the initial consideration is done carefully is very decisive, because if not right in choosing the loss will be felt by yourself for life. Even so you can stop anytime to close the insurance policy. But if it happens so the loss will await you.
When deciding to consider purchasing an insurance policy from an insurance company, the first thing you do is to first determine the need for the following example:

John has a family and has 2 children, he has a monthly net income of $ 400, he plans to buy insurance products to protect himself and his family. What would be the perfect product for John and his family? after an interview that John wants: all family members when they die, all family members are protected or protected when they are ill for hospitalization, all family members are protected when critically ill, all family members are protected in an accident. On the other hand John wants a premium that is not lost and even its value continues to grow.

Seeing John's needs, of course only with insurance products that can handle all these needs. But when looking at the income of only $ 400 per month the important question that arises is how much money can be provided to pay the premium per month, after all the daily needs fulfilled? well at this moment let's just say John wants to save his money of $ 50 per month.

You need to know that life insurance contains element of basic insurance that is death insurance and permanent disability insurance. So all life insurance products can be guaranteed to have this clause (or better known as the sum insured). It is ascertained that the other protection is only as an additional insurance. The nature of basic insurance and additional insurance has a fee to be paid within a specified time period. Usually this fee will be deducted from the premium paid. This means that if we look at the problems faced by John above who want the cash value of the premium is not reduced means there is the aspect of investment / savings from the desired insurance. So he had to sacrifice some of his desire to get all the protection. Because if John wants all family members to be protected, it is certain that the monthly insurance fee will be higher and will reduce the cash value because the planned premium is only $ 50 only. Unlike if the premium is deposited for $ 500 then surely all the desired protection can be obtained.

3. Know the Insurance Company that Offers Products
You do not have to be rushed and confused when buying insurance products, but also not too long, because insurance protection is very necessary in this unpredictable world, you do not know when sick or suffered or even worse died. To determine the credibility of the company is not an easy thing, but the things below are worth to note.

The age of the company determines the credibility of a company because it proves the existence of a company that continues to run in the face of various economic difficulties from time to time. It's just that often the age of the company is not directly proportional to the service and quality of the product, because there is a long time but tied to the old management model so that ultimately not developed, but at least this is the first thing you need to question.

The award is obtained, the credibility of a company is also supported from the company's ability to get an award. Involvement of insurance companies in the competition is very important because the insurance business base is a service. So the commitment to serve customers well be a proof of the company's sincerity in maintaining customer trust.

Capital, there are many opinions that non-local insurance is stronger than local insurance. This assumption is not wrong but not quite right. Indeed, in reality there are local insurance that roll out because of capital that is not strong and only as a conglomeration of existing companies. But if we see not a few local insurance companies also survive until a long time, even until whenever it can

4. Compare Insurance With Other Products

For this latter way you usually volunteer to go to an insurance agent, because comparing the product is the right of the consumer, so it is better to get the best insurance product from the existing one. No hurry, ask some insurance companies to make illustrations and start studying the insurance products. Of comparisons made can not be separated from the previous tips knowledge, so when getting the most appropriate insurance product it is the result of careful consideration.

Suggestion From Author
After reading the tips above you must have got a picture and a little hint in starting a business with an insurance company. Therefore it is necessary for you to consider the best in choosing this insurance product for you and your family.

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