Indonesia Health Insurance 

Without we realize from time to time the cost of treatment in indonesia continued to increase. This resulted in some people especially the poor can't get decent treatment. Therefore, start keeping the health of yourself and protect it with insurance in order to ensure the cost of care when you attacked the disease someday.

The following Soa-Healthy will give a little information about some health insurers that already have long been operating in indonesia, and is the best health insurance and services.

3 Best Health Insurance in Indonesia

1. Prudential Financial: : Life Insurance
The best health insurance Company was first occupied by Prudential. Prudential Insurance is a service that is already established in the year 1995. The award is given by the Investor, Money magazine named best life insurance in indonesia with the assets of more than 15 trillion.

Prudential currently in indonesia is part of Prudential plc, is a financial group based in the UK. Prudential itself already struggling in the field of life insurance for the past 167 years in the UK, up to now has been traveling to indonesia.

Total customer owned Prudential recorded until the year 2015 is as many as 2.5 million customers. This insurance also has opened its headquarters in Jakarta, while for its marketing Office has already spread to many big cities in indonesia like Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang and Batam. Clients can also join this insurance thanks to the help of an agent or Independent sales force or called KPM located in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, Batam, even up in the entire country.

Besides popular products that are owned by this form of health insurance service PRUmajor Hospital and PRUhospital Care. The achievement has been obtained by prudential in the year 2015 berupata premium income reached 26.9 trillion, the most recent Fund contributions as much as 2.2 trillion, total assets of as much as 55.9 trillion, the Fund run of 45.2 trillion, and total amount of claims paid to the customer in the year 2015 amounting to 9.1 trillion.

2. Allianz
Is a multinational financial services main office based in Germany. Currently its main business is insurance. Allianz is known as the strongest financial insurance, allianz has private clients amounted to 8.5 million. Also earning allianz in 2014 reach 12.25 billion euros and the profit obtained amounted to 10.4 billion euros. Net profit didaptkan by insurance is distributed to the shareholders of itself where its profits could reach 6.22 billion euros.

One product from Allianz to choose Smart communities is the Premier. Then what are the benefits derived by the customer who uses this product? Refer to the following ....

Provides premium rates 6 million per night. For the customer who wants treatment services abroad can choose this class.
• The existence of additional customer specific to HIV-infected
Inner limit specifically for larger dissection.

3. Manulife Indonesia
People in indonesia must have been familiar with this one Insurance, Manulife already existed in indonesia since the year 1985. Just like prudential, Manulife is the business wing of the group is a service provider that originated in Canada. Even though it comes from Canada, but such groups are operating in Canada, Asia, and also the United States. In indonesia itself, manulife provides some services such as health insurance, accident insurance, and also life insurance.

Manulife has as many as 10 thousand employees and already have many professional agents. The agent spread across 25 Marketing Office. And here are these advantages offered by Manulife Insurance:
Dual sisem payment of the room, make it easy for customers to get treatment abroad.
Medical expenses that will be paid to the customer as much as 100%
Prone road for 60 days and maintenance costs as well as costs of physiotherapy will be ditangguh by insurance.
Additional insurance specifically for clients with HIV or AIDS.
Funeral costs amounting to 30 million for clients. This facility is not limited by the class room, so that the customer with any room class will still get this facility.

That's the health insurance in Indonesia which has an option and recommended by Soa-Healthy. May be beneficial for you ...